3 Reasons Why Companies Consider Outsourcing IT

You come to work with all systems operational: patients are being checked in. Nurses are filling out charts. Doctors are prescribing medicine. Everything in your hospital is working exactly how it should.

In an instant, that changes. Your system is down, and now patients can’t get checked in, nurses can’t access records and crucial information that might save a life, can’t be accessed.

Can you afford that?

Technology unites us all. From banks to hospitals, we’re living in a period where technology is not only evolving but so is the experience you need to maintain your daily technology operations and innovate. Where technology gains in efficiency and security, so to do the ways in which hackers and malicious cyberattackers decide to threaten it.

In the last 3 years alone, over 11.7 billion records were lost or stolen by hackers in the United States, according to an IBM Study, in 2019. And when data breaches happen, targets feel the burden for years.

Why do companies look to outsource their information technology needs?

With threats increasing and technology advancing, companies are looking to their internal teams to help protect them from high-level attacks and to secure their confidential information, on top of staying operational for day-to-day business. But when you are a small to mid-sized company, those resources might not exist or have the capacity to truly protect your environment.

Below are some of the top 3 reasons we see companies turning to outsourced managed I.T.

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