You Can’t Depend on Anti-Virus To Stay Secure. Here’s Why

As technology continues to change, the number of ways your company can be targeted in a malware attack grows. At Five Nines, we put a major emphasis on educating our clients about what potential attacks could do to their operational systems, while also preparing their network to fight these attacks and keep systems secure as the designated IT services provider. While we do install anti-virus software for our clients, it’s only one tool in our belt, given that additional layers of security are needed now that hackers are more sophisticated. Before we get into why you can’t solely depend on anti-virus to stay secure, let’s define terms that are crucial to understand when we’re talking about anti-virus software and security. 

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Cyber-Insurance:How It Can Save You Long-Term

It's likely you have insurance plans for all of the unforeseen circumstances in life: apartment fires, cell phone accidents and even getting sick. You may think of these plans as no-brainers, but have you considered whether you need the same insurance for your cybersecurity? 

According to a recent study completed by IBM in 2019, it’s estimated a data breach on average can cost a business roughly 3.9 million dollars. That number is still hard to pinpoint, given that many major companies may not report breaches due to PR concerns. Costs may vary for every business, but cyber-related security breaches are affecting organizations all over the world, large and small. 

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The Difference Between Backups and Disaster Recovery — And How To Plan For Both

As business owners, we typically prefer not to think about what would happen if we suddenly lost all of our company’s data and crucial information through a breach or accident. With client trust on the line and possible lack of compliance with regulation, there’s major potential for disaster. Ignoring this is a blind spot that puts our business, and our customers in jeopardy. While IT support can help, we still have to be mindful of planning ahead. 

If you’ve been through a personal data loss with your own computer or phone, then you know there are often ways to restore information, but that still takes time and effort. And the “disaster recovery process” only goes smoothly if you’ve completed backups.

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Strategic IT Planning for 2020

2020 is quickly approaching and it’s already time to start strategically planning to hit next year’s IT goals. Our rule of advice is that your team should sit down and map out your technical environment for the next 18 to 24 months, and set a 3-year budget that goes hand in hand with your strategic planning. You won’t know what you’ll need to spend until you do your homework, so here’s what matters when it comes to building a successful IT plan for 2020.

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Secure your data with these password tips

In 2018, billions of people were affected by data breaches and cyberattacks and not only did people lose money, but they also lost their security. We hear about these cyberattacks every day and it's easy to think, "Why should I protect myself if the stats are against me?"

Or are we against the stats?  52% of us use the same passwords for different online services. This means that half of us have decided we're happy to risk our financial security and personal identity, and that can be a costly mistake. It turns out, one of the easiest ways you can protect yourself from becoming just another statistic: use a password manager. At Five Nines, when a company comes to us for managed IT solutions, we consider how they can tighten up their data security. Let's talk about ways you can quickly improve your cyber-security habits so you avoid the risk and become less of a predictable target. 

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What is the future of SaaS?

It’s all too easy to forget how integral and pervasive software-as-a-service (SaaS) has become to modern business operations, given the efficiencies and flexibility benefits it provides users.

But like any sector, SaaS is constantly evolving as it incorporates new technologies and adapts to market forces. Some have even questioned if the entire SaaS concept is under threat as software becomes easier for businesses to build and run themselves.

Before we look at the current state of play, and whether SaaS really is ripe for disruption, let’s recap how SaaS operates, and what it looks like in its current form.

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Five Nines Ranked Among Worlds most elite

Five Nines Ranked Among World’s Most Elite 501

Managed Service Providers

12th Annual MSP 501 Identifies Top Forward-Thinking Global MSPs & Leading Trends in Managed Services

June 20, 2019: Five Nines has been named as one of the world’s premier managed service providers on the prestigious 12th-annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings.

Every year, MSPs worldwide complete an extensive survey and application to report their product offerings, growth rates, annual total and recurring revenues, pricing structures, revenue mix and more. MSPs were ranked according to a unique methodology that weights revenue figures according to how well the applicant's business strategy anticipates trends in the fast-evolving channel ecosystem.

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Ensuring HIPAA Compliance With A Risk Analysis

While you hear about the occasional breach of Protected Health Information (PHI) from large organizations, smaller medical offices often believe they are safe from a breach due to their size. When it comes to cybercrime, that is no longer the case. In fact, over three million patient records were compromised in 2017 across the medical industry, and small practices were breached, hacked, and ransomed just like the larger healthcare organizations. 

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The Ins And Outs Of An MSA

Change is hard.

Ask any business owner and they’ll tell you that the slightest change can cause ripple effects throughout an organization if not properly administered. Changing the way you manage and maintain your IT is no different, which is why it’s important to understand the details of your new relationship with a managed service provider.

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Why Businesses Need Multi-Factor Authentication

Typing in a simple username and password is no longer enough to protect your data in the business technology world, which is why multi-factor authentication is such an important security measure. The cybercrime industry is after our most vulnerable information, and businesses are now forced to fight back with stronger cybersecurity practices.

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