Why Your IT Environment Is Not A DIY Project

Posted by Five Nines on Jul 19, 2017 9:29:09 AM

DIY Project.pngWe've discussed the real story behind Managed IT Services, and the importance of a strong IT infrastructure for businesses. It's important to set up your IT environment in the most productive way possible, to leverage technology for your organization.

Here is why your IT environment is not a Do It Yourself (DIY) project.



The reality is that in most organizations, IT is considered a cost center, or simply overhead/expenses.  This puts you at a disadvantage in how you must approach your department and it’s budgetary needs, in order to support the organization as a revenue stream.  Having to focus on consistent expenses regarding your IT environment is not only a hassle, it is expensive. When you maintain a network internally, often unforeseen circumstances and costs will be thrown your way. Reactive expenses weigh on your business, causing you to neglect your IT needs, which hinder your business from overcoming the original issue.


If growth is the goal, you should never be afraid to pursue it. Your IT setup should be able to grow with you, or better yet out pace your plan for growth so it does not become a limiting factor later. If you oversee the management of new users, applications, and expansion of your network, growth may scare you rather than excite you. A Managed IT Services company will have the ability to help expand your infrastructure as you grow, keeping out in front of what matters most to your business.


When managing an IT environment, you cannot only focus on the present. IT professionals are always looking at the future, with the goal of preventing technical issues, following important upgrades, and maintaining technology that is in line with the industry at large. This requires a day-to-day focus that is both experienced and adaptable.


There are many things you can make a DIY project: a back porch, a repair here and there, even business strategies and processes you find that interest you. An IT environment, however, is not a DIY project that is simple to take over. Consider talking to an IT professional before taking on your IT needs alone.

To learn more about outsourcing your IT needs to professionals rather than making it a DIY project, click to download our free resource below. 

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