How Network Connectivity Impacts Your Business

Posted by Five Nines on Dec 6, 2017 11:00:56 AM

Network connectivity impact

Network connectivity has the potential to make or break your IT work environment. If your network connectivity is down, it can cause a severe halt in productivity. Here are three common causes of network connectivity issues within organizations.


When inadequate technology is deployed due to cost aversion, your network connectivity could be lacking. It's important to invest in the right technology, that can facilitate the right support for your entire network. Talking to an IT professional about the right kind of technology for your business is highly recommended.


It’s hard to consider that the right equipment is only half the challenge. While it’s critical to have it, it’s more common to see devices misconfigured from industry or manufacturer best practices, resulting in poor performance or stability. There are a series of checks and balances to properly deploying a new asset into your environment, and if not done with a wholistic understanding of the whole ecosystem, you may not get the most from your new devices. It’s critical to remember that the hardware is just the tool, but how you use it is what makes the difference for your business.


Your environment is likely to grow as your organization does. If your devices aren't ready to scale with your environment, network connectivity issues are likely to occur. Giving your organization room to grow not only in revenue, but in technical support is important.


Want more insight on your IT connectivity in particular? Below is a free Network Health Assessment Checklist you can follow to analyze whether or not your IT environment is up to par from the comfort of your desk.

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