3 Ways To Keep Your Business Email Account Safe

Posted by Five Nines on Jul 26, 2017 2:18:29 PM

Emailaccountsafety.pngThe most common way most business users share information with one another is through their work email addresses. Aside from sharing important information, business emails assist users with coordinating projects, setting up meetings, and organizing shared files. Keeping business email accounts safe is crucial in the protection of internal information. 

We wanted to provide 3 specific ways users can keep their business email accounts secure and protected. Download the infographic below for a printable visual you can share with your fellow users.

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Protecting Passwords

Any mobile device that provides access to a business email should be protected with a strong password that only the employed individual knows. This will make it difficult for anyone who steals a device to break into it. Making sure you have different passwords for everything is also helpful. Secure applications such as LastPass and DashLane help users manage all their different passwords effectively. Different passwords for every application make accounts even more secure.

Filtering Spam

Spam has the potential to ruin a computer without a user even realizing they are clicking on anything wrong. Implementing enterprise-level spam filtering will stop these digital viruses from making it to any inbox within an organization. This secures email account safety significantly.

Policy-Based Email Encryption

Implementing technology that can secure sensitive data even further is one of the best ways to keep business email accounts safe. This technology helps to scan all emails and attachments to ensure the safety of the content. If a message contains information that may be sensitive, it can be encrypted or quarantined.

Being confident in the security of your business email will give you a peace of mind knowing your data is safe always. Protecting your passwords, filtering spam, and implementing policy-based email encryption will provide the extra level of protection your business email needs.

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